Pre-GGK Certification Training Options

Preview - Great Kids Great Start (GKGS -000)

Available - April 18, 2016

This Free GKGS Preview course is designed to allow you to get an idea of how the course works and a sneak peek at some of the information it contains. You will have free access to this Preview course for 7 days. The actual Great Kids Great Start E-learning Course includes 8 Video Units, as well as access to Parent Handouts and Activity Handouts in electronic file format. Due to licensing and copyright concerns, in this preview, you will not be able to print the handouts as you would in the actual course, but you will be able to view some of them. This preview also provides you with a chance to view 3 of the 8 video units in the series, just to give you an idea of the training your new home visitors will be receiving.

We are excited to introduce this product, specifically designed for newly hired Home Visitors to use prior to becoming GK Certified. As Home Visitors interact with the Great Kids-Great Start E-Learning Units they build foundational knowledge and skills, resulting in families receiving relationship-based, child-focused, family-driven and strengths-enhancing visits.

The primary purpose of the Great Kids-Great Start (GK-GS) E-Learning Course is to provide just enough Growing Great Kids Curriculum-related training and materials for family visits to set the stage for Home Visitors to have meaningful, relationship-focused, family-driven and child-centered visits prior to their participation in a comprehensive GGK Certification Seminar, required by GGK Licensing Terms and Conditions.

GK-GS is designed to build introductory knowledge and skills in the following areas:
1) Relationship-Focused Practice…How to develop relationships with parents and other significant family members that will demonstrate the Home Visitor genuinely cares about them while sparking parents’ interest in participating in your program
2) Structuring visits with a primary focus on fostering secure parent-child attachments and optimal childhood development
3) Using the Accentuating The Positives Communication Strategy to build feelings of confidence and competence in parents
4) Using the Problem Talk Strategy when families present a concern
5) Using a “GGK Conversation Guide” to: learn about what families already know and their opinions regarding what is important to them; to interactively share information; to engage family members in exploring solutions to problems they bring to you; to bring attention to strengthening the parent-child relationship; and to build parenting skills for supporting their child’s development.
6) Information on the How and Why of Child Development Activities.
  • Great Kids Great Start Preview Video - 15 Minutes
  • Unit 1 - Welcome to the Great Kids Family: An Introduction to GKGS
  • Unit 2 - Early Brain Development
  • Unit 6: The Why and How of Child Development Activities
  • Child Development Activities
  • Child Development Activity Handout Sample 1
  • Child Development Activity Handout Sample 2
  • Great Kids Great Start Manual - Preview Table of Contents
  • Parent Handouts
  • Parent Handout Sample 1
  • Parent Handout Sample 2
Completion rules
  • You must complete 5.00% of the content